agbsumAGB image header checksum patcher.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen6 months
ascii-trimTrim ascii filesSteffen Jensen5 months
benoitMultithreaded Mandelbrot renderer with support for PNG and WebP encoding.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen5 months
bowshock[no description]Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen8 months
deltaworld[no description]Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen11 months
easThe Embedded Assembler.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen2 months
lumaAGB emulator.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen5 months
mandelbrotsdlReal-time SDL2-based Mandelbrot viewer.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen2 years
primeProgramme for determining if a given unsigned integer is a prime number or not.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen2 years
axAGB development framework.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen15 months
duxMultimedia library.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen11 months
u8cUnicode support for C.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen9 months
Webservices sources.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen sources.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen sources.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen sources.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen13 months sources.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen
fadaesen-webserviceSources for the website.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen5 months
creativemadnessLovgivning for Bjørnager Jensen21 months
hungerSource code for the first Hunger Games Arena on Bjørnager Jensen2 years
kiwutt-lovcancerVitus Korsbæk2 years
Deprecated Repositories
zpLow-level system and algorithmics library.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen10 months
Installation Scripts
pkgbuild_agbsumPKGBUILD for agbsum.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen11 months
pkgbuild_benoitPKGBUILD for Benoit.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen6 months
pkgbuild_bowshockPKGBUILD for bowshock.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen9 months
pkgbuild_duxPKGBUILD for dux.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen11 months
pkgbuild_easPKGBUILD for eAS.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen
pkgbuild_u8cPKGBUILD for u8c.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen9 months
pkgbuild_zpPKGBUILD for zp.Gabriel Bjørnager Jensen11 months